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Actually, I Haven’t got any Opinions

There are people who have a way with opinions: I’m not one of them. 

This has been a marvellous year for me as an author, not the least because it has involved a number of big and small interviews I’ve given about Witchcraft Couture and my work as a writer. Doing each of those interviews has been a thrilling experience – and sort of weird too, because all of a sudden I, an observer before anything else, have been churning out opinions about anything and everything from my favourite seasons to my favourite fictional characters.

Time is Everything, even in Fiction

If there’s a group of people who have a quirky relationship with time, it has to be fiction writers.

One of the main characters of my next novel Absolute Truth, for Beginners is a physicist who claims that time is an illusion. And no, I won’t elaborate more on that – suffice it to say that time is one of the main themes in that story, and as such it has coloured my thinking ever since I started to write it.


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