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Italian Kids Eat Filled Rolls on School Trips

What’s wrong with a simple pasta salad?

It’s that time of the year again, when the school term is nearly over and schoolkids everywhere go on field trips to broaden their horizons and take selfies in jam-packed coaches. Florence, with all its art and museums, is a place of pilgrimage for endless field excursions: again and again you see groups of lanky teenagers, boisterous and unruly like a flock of sheep, following their teachers and tourist guides whose umbrellas stand erect above their heads like the flags of Arctic expeditions.

Time is Everything, even in Fiction

If there’s a group of people who have a quirky relationship with time, it has to be fiction writers.

One of the main characters of my next novel Absolute Truth, for Beginners is a physicist who claims that time is an illusion. And no, I won’t elaborate more on that – suffice it to say that time is one of the main themes in that story, and as such it has coloured my thinking ever since I started to write it.


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