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Maryam Mirzakhani, and the Art of Writing a Novel on Science

Absolute Truth, For Beginners tells the story of a young woman who falls in love with a world-famous mathematician.

At the end of the day, there seem to be two kinds of human beings: number people and word people. Number people are good at counting, measuring and abstractions, or at visualizing shapes, sizes and positions of figures, or properties of space. Word people are good at conveying events and stories in words, often by enriching and embellishing them, creating worlds that exist only in our imagination.

Where You Live… Is What You Write About?

Florence. Couldn’t have it in any other way.

Years ago I read an interview with a writer whose name I’ve forgotten – unfortunately so, because I liked his comments and would have loved to read some of his books. He came from one of the newly independent Eastern European states that popped up after the collapse of the Soviet Union. But thanks to his highly polemical and political novels, he lived in Germany and made a living by giving creative writing classes to budding German writers.

Actually, I Haven’t got any Opinions

There are people who have a way with opinions: I’m not one of them. 

This has been a marvellous year for me as an author, not the least because it has involved a number of big and small interviews I’ve given about Witchcraft Couture and my work as a writer. Doing each of those interviews has been a thrilling experience – and sort of weird too, because all of a sudden I, an observer before anything else, have been churning out opinions about anything and everything from my favourite seasons to my favourite fictional characters.


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