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December is for sparkling wine and toasting

Let's toast together!

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote in this blog that certain things you do only once in your life. There’s that first school day, and that first kiss – and then, for us writers, there’s that magical moment when you publish your first novel, and metamorphose from an aspiring novelist into a published one. That indeed was last November, when Witchcraft Couture, my debut novel, came out.

Perfection is possible (for five minutes at a time)

Ironing. Here, when it comes to my abilities, perfection is never possible.

November is the final countdown for my December book launch. So today I made a list of the interview questions that I must answer before the end of the month, and the guest blogs that must be written as soon as possible, so that I will survive the chaos of December with my abysmally limited secretarial skills.

In Italy, Everything’s Beautiful

Pretty, even this.

As those who follow my blog already know, this is a diary of all things big and small and everything I know about life. Yet it doesn’t take much intelligence – or life experience – to say that in Italy everything is beautiful. It’s like stating that in the tropics the weather is hot and humid.


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