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It’s Not Easy Living with the Writer in You

Are fiction writers split in two, so that there is a Dr Jekyll side and a Mr Hyde side?

I read Anne R. Allen’s blog the other day and she said a wonderful thing about novelists. ‘Most writers,’ she wrote, ‘are shy, boring people who work in hidey-holes wearing old sweats day after day.’

So why is there a persistent myth that writers – especially fiction writers – are fascinating people who spend their days surrounded by leather-bound first editions, cigarette smoke and big thoughts, and on top of it all have a hotline to all things genuine and true?

It’s Difficult to Say Goodbye to Your Fictional Characters

It's time to say goodbye to 2015. And to Elisa.

It’s strange, you know. But when you spend months, and sometimes even years, with fictional characters, you get to know them really well – better than most of your friends, or relatives, or even family members. In a sense, you know your characters better than you know yourself. Omnipresent and God-like, you’ve created them. You have seen into their future. You know how they act and why. And you can’t always say the same about yourself.


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