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From Magic to Angels

A little bit of angel glow is just what we need.

It has been a sunny and silent July here in Chianti, and I’ve been busy editing my next novel, the first in a new fantasy series, and rich in angels and all things heavenly. So when Zoe Brooks asked me to join her wonderful Magic Realism blog hop (always such a pleasure to read – and even a greater honour to be a part of), I realised that this is my golden opportunity to take an inventory of my writing career.

Writing à la carte – or rather, how to excel at cooking and writing

I will never excel at cooking –at least not on those days when I’m working with an unfinished chapter. 

At times I’ve wondered whether humanity is divided into two categories; that there are people who grow up with books, and people who grow up with pots and pans. (OK, I know, I know. This is the era of YouTube and fast food – which means that plenty of people grow up with neither. But that, surely, is a different story for a different day.)

Absolute Truth, For Beginners Giveaway

A springtime giveaway of Absolute Truth, For Beginners.

Hi everyone - and let's get ready to the summer reading season! And what a better way to do it than to have a free copy of Absolute Truth? If you want to participate in my springtime giveaway, just click below...

Katarina xx


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