The Thousand Tiny Miracles Book Launch Tour, 13 June – 22 June, 2017

Here are the dates of The Thousand Tiny Miracles Book Launch Tour!

It’s the final countdown to the Book Launch Tour of the first Angel Aid book! The tour will be hopping from one country and blog into another, and I’m thrilled to share them all with you.

Here are the dates and places:

13 June, Tuesday

Rocksprings Crafts

14 June, Wednesday

The Cosy Dragon

Creative Misfit

The Thousand Tiny Variations of Women’s Friendships


Best friends.

A recurring topic in glossy magazines, it seems, is the great variety of romantic relationships and the kind of archetypal men women tend to fall in love with – there’s the Boy Next Door, and Prince Charming, and the Irresponsible-But-Oh-So-Irresistible Serial Seducer, and the Mama’s Boy, and the Indiana Jones, and… oh, well, you get the picture. (And I know. I know. There is also Mr. Darcy, but that’s another blog post for another day.)

Please, Please Give Us… Some Happy Stories

Happy and heavenly. That's my recipe for post-2016 fiction.

I have just had the usual intake of this morning’s ghastly news. The situation in and around North Korea is just getting worse. And the Russians keep denying that they ever hacked the US elections. Or that Assad used chemical weapons. And the Brits are embroiled in messy Brexit negotiations. And the French in equally messy presidential elections. And Donald Trump tweeted…

OK, OK. Never mind what Donald Trump tweeted.


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