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small truths

Certain Things You Do Only Once in Your Life

A day of celebration.

There’s that first school day and first kiss and first day at work, just to name a few. And then, if you are a writer, just like me, there’s that magical moment when you metamorphose from an aspiring novelist into a published one, and even that can happen only once in your life.

I’ll Never Know If I Really Know It

Did you lock the door, or not?

I was peeling potatoes for dinner yesterday and thinking about my next post when I suddenly realised that I have neglected a problem of a fundamental kind, a problem which questioned the entire premise of my blog – you know, the presumption that this is my Diary of Everything and here I will write down each and every truth I know about life. I sat down, my heart all cold, and forgot about potatoes for such a long time that once more dinner was served late and I was running from one room to another, stressed yet hell-bent on putting my son to bed at a not-so-ungodly hour.


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