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small truths

The Thousand Tiny Variations of Women’s Friendships


Best friends.

A recurring topic in glossy magazines, it seems, is the great variety of romantic relationships and the kind of archetypal men women tend to fall in love with – there’s the Boy Next Door, and Prince Charming, and the Irresponsible-But-Oh-So-Irresistible Serial Seducer, and the Mama’s Boy, and the Indiana Jones, and… oh, well, you get the picture. (And I know. I know. There is also Mr. Darcy, but that’s another blog post for another day.)

A Middle-Aged Woman’s Manual on Dating a Young Man

In my upcoming novel, a middle-aged woman dates a thirty-something man.

I say, sometimes it must be hard to be the friend of a novelist. Because all your writer friend ever talks about is that crisis she’s having with the second cousin of her female lead – you know, the one who was supposed to leave her husband, except she can’t find a reason for her to walk out of her marriage, which is why your friend keeps talking about her book all evening long. Or then she’s having a writer’s block, and all she does is stare at her plate bleakly, eating little and saying even less.

Writing à la carte – or rather, how to excel at cooking and writing

I will never excel at cooking –at least not on those days when I’m working with an unfinished chapter. 

At times I’ve wondered whether humanity is divided into two categories; that there are people who grow up with books, and people who grow up with pots and pans. (OK, I know, I know. This is the era of YouTube and fast food – which means that plenty of people grow up with neither. But that, surely, is a different story for a different day.)


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