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When it Rains in November, Life is Pretty Damn Awful Even in Tuscany

Rain is the same everywhere.

We had a guest staying with us last summer. He came from Helsinki where he lived in a super comfortable flat with central heating and double glazing. During his stay he used to sit outside in the mornings, a thriller and an iPod in his lap, admiring the undulating sea of hills.

‘Lucky you, you live in paradise,’ he said to me. ‘It’s impossible to get stressed here. You just look at this scenery, and your muscles relax.’

Some People are Larger than Life, #1: Casanova

A professional seducer.

Some people are so striking and unforgettable that they are like truths unto themselves, which is why you can’t keep a Diary of Everything without writing about them.

Let’s take Casanovas, for example – those almond-eyed and glib Latin lovers, a breed of serial seducers you meet everywhere in Italy: on the street, in the bar, in the museum foyer, on the railway station platform number nine, just when you’re hauling your outrageously heavy suitcase onto the train.


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