Writing à la carte – or rather, how to excel at cooking and writing

I will never excel at cooking –at least not on those days when I’m working with an unfinished chapter. 

At times I’ve wondered whether humanity is divided into two categories; that there are people who grow up with books, and people who grow up with pots and pans. (OK, I know, I know. This is the era of YouTube and fast food – which means that plenty of people grow up with neither. But that, surely, is a different story for a different day.)

In Italy, Everything’s Beautiful

Pretty, even this.

As those who follow my blog already know, this is a diary of all things big and small and everything I know about life. Yet it doesn’t take much intelligence – or life experience – to say that in Italy everything is beautiful. It’s like stating that in the tropics the weather is hot and humid.

Where You Live… Is What You Write About?

Florence. Couldn’t have it in any other way.

Years ago I read an interview with a writer whose name I’ve forgotten – unfortunately so, because I liked his comments and would have loved to read some of his books. He came from one of the newly independent Eastern European states that popped up after the collapse of the Soviet Union. But thanks to his highly polemical and political novels, he lived in Germany and made a living by giving creative writing classes to budding German writers.


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