What if there was an angel among us? | KATARINA WEST

What if there was an angel among us?

A different kind of fantasy series, romantic and funny, putting a smile on your face, Angel Aid books depict a world in which in addition to humans and their never-ending problems, there is the kingdom of heaven with a legion of angels. But frankly, things don’t seem to be any less messy up in heaven than what they are down on Earth.

Then one day a mischievous angel called Aaron becomes a human being. The highest celestial authorities entrust him with setting up a charity, Angel Aid, in a sleepy Tuscan village. Yet are Aaron and his friends able to assist those who are lost or discouraged? Can they spread the message of optimism and hope, and help people become who they really are? Or is the whole project a recipe for a divine disaster?

“Memorable premise, memorable characters, fabulously descriptive.” Kristine Hall, Hall Ways


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