December is for sparkling wine and toasting

December is for sparkling wine and toasting

Let's toast together!

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote in this blog that certain things you do only once in your life. There’s that first school day, and that first kiss – and then, for us writers, there’s that magical moment when you publish your first novel, and metamorphose from an aspiring novelist into a published one. That indeed was last November, when Witchcraft Couture, my debut novel, came out.

And even though it’s true that there’s nothing like publishing your first novel… well, that doesn’t mean that it’s actually just as thrilling when you do it the second time. For I’m excited and honoured to tell you that in just a few days – on 6 December, to be precise – the Book Launch of my second novel, Absolute Truth, For Beginners starts, and already now it looks like it’s going to go beyond my wildest expectations.

OK, facts first. Absolute Truth, For Beginners narrates a short, mad and desperate love story between two women. One of them is a young Italian woman, an art history graduate, an insecure twenty-something searching for her place in this world. The other one is a famous and brilliant mathematician à la John Nash in Beautiful Mind, who lives in her abstract world of numbers. They become lovers for sixty-eight days, and afterwards nothing is the same.

And you know what? 2015 is really the year of great women-only love stories. Just to start with, there’s Freeheld, a film starring Julianne Moore and Ellen Page, which tells the story of a New Jersey police officer diagnosed with terminal cancer, battling to get her pension benefits to be transferred to her domestic partner. And there is Carol with the ever-so-charismatic Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara as leading ladies. And here in Italy two of the country’s most famous actresses, Sabrina Ferilli and Margherita Buy, are starring this autumn in Io e lei (“Me and Her”), which portrays a mature, it-looks-like-they’ve-been-married-for-decades kind of relationship between two forty-something women.

Maybe that explains some of the excitement around Absolute Truth, For Beginners – or why my Book Launch Tour has snowballed into such fantastic proportions. Because people have been just so amazingly enthusiastic to launch this novel with me. And so the tour has become a rich collection of book bloggers, and lifestyle bloggers, and fashion bloggers, and LGBT bloggers. The blogs they represent are simply dynamite: you become hooked the moment you land on their home page. Plus, there are interviews, and guest blogs, and spotlights. And reviews, obviously.

So don’t miss it! Just click here, and you'll find a list of my Book Launch Tour, with dates and URL links. Naturally, you can hop on and off whenever you want.

Oh, and – yes. Just between you and me, Absolute Truth, For Beginners is already live on Amazon, just so that my fans can buy it with a special offer of £0.99/$0.99. If you want to profit from this offer, click here.

The official publication date is 15 December, and I have promised myself that it will be special day. A day of celebration. Just like last year. A day when… I can forget about the next novel and word count and everyday matters, that today I can stalk myself as much as I want on Amazon, and admire my book cover in all of its splendour. Yeah, I wrote that last year, but oh, how true these words ring to me. Even this time.

So remember: December is for sparkling wine and toasting. And boy oh boy, would I just love to toast at least once with you!








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