Can you keep a secret? | KATARINA WEST

Can you keep a secret?

This is just between you and me, right?

Here it goes: the story of Elisa and Judith will be ridiculously cheap during the last two weeks of February.

That’s right – from 17 February to 29 February Absolute Truth, For Beginners will cost only £0.99/$0.99.

Click here if you want to buy it on And here, if you prefer

And that’s not all – because to celebrate this offer I’m organising a giveaway between 17 February and 26 February, offering 2 Amazon eBook copies of Absolute Truth. If you want to take part, just click below.



So... happy reading! And remember: this is a secret. Just between you and me. Shhh!








Ok Katarina..howdy!...first time reader here! good things boutcha and I said to myself...self let's give Ms. Katarina a whirl!..I'm bout to read this here "Absolute Truth for Beginners"...Will catch you on the other side to comment.


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