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I’ll Never Know If I Really Know It

Did you lock the door, or not?

I was peeling potatoes for dinner yesterday and thinking about my next post when I suddenly realised that I have neglected a problem of a fundamental kind, a problem which questioned the entire premise of my blog – you know, the presumption that this is my Diary of Everything and here I will write down each and every truth I know about life. I sat down, my heart all cold, and forgot about potatoes for such a long time that once more dinner was served late and I was running from one room to another, stressed yet hell-bent on putting my son to bed at a not-so-ungodly hour.

It’s better to dance badly than not to dance at all

Roses for those who dare to dance.

Recently my son has stopped believing in Santa Claus and started listening to Shakira; and yes, I do think that the two things are related. So yesterday, when Shakira was playing at full volume in his room, we started to dance – or not really dance but to jump and hop and shake our hands, clumsily yet eagerly, the way kids do, when they still don’t know that they should feel self-conscious and awkward.


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