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big truths

Me and the Italian God

It’s finding God that’s problematic for me.

I thought that I’d start 2015 by blogging about Life’s big truths. Such as God.

Unfortunately I don’t have much to say about God’s existence, except that I know He’s out there somewhere. I also know that people much wiser and more erudite than me have tried to argue for and against His existence, and if this is the Big Question haunting you, my blog is the last thing you should be reading right now.

No, it’s finding God that’s problematic for me.

It’s better to dance badly than not to dance at all

Roses for those who dare to dance.

Recently my son has stopped believing in Santa Claus and started listening to Shakira; and yes, I do think that the two things are related. So yesterday, when Shakira was playing at full volume in his room, we started to dance – or not really dance but to jump and hop and shake our hands, clumsily yet eagerly, the way kids do, when they still don’t know that they should feel self-conscious and awkward.

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